Our Specialisms

Internationally recognised Expert on the gathering, analysis and interpretation of computer data as evidence.

Copyright and IPR
Independent Expert in the examination, analysis, reporting and evidential conclusion as to the occurrence of breach of copyright and/or breach of Intellectual Property Rights within software or other digital media.

Source code comparisons
Comparison of software to investigate copyright and IPR breaches.  Software source code can be an any computer language.

Reverse Engineering
Many forms of compiled computer software can be reverse engineered, and probative evidence can be uncovered, documented, examined and processed into a Court Report.

Webscraping / Screen Scraping
We are the recognised leading authority on the practice of website Screen Scraping, with DOZENS of cases, and a Patent (pending) in Anti Screen scraping technology.

Simply put - there is no other Expert Witness worldwide that has investigated or prosecuted as many professional screen scrapers in every one of its possible forms as we have.  No one else better understands how to evidentially demonstrating the many ways how this process is carried out, and the business and technical affects it has on the victims website.

Data Recovery and Retrieval (Deleted, Encrypted or Passworded data)
File and Metadata authentication (Application and Platform),
Source Code and document authentication
File and picture recovery.

Detailed front and back end Systems analysis and documentation (same platform / cross platform)
Systems source code comparisons for functional and literal copying, Functional analysis comparison, validation and documentation

Database examination, authenticity, validation, comparisons, alleged source code theft and design 'springboarding'

Cross Database design mapping, database and application functional and literal copying evidenced
Development velocity analysis and validation

Data mining and Interrogation, Data Acquisition, Disk Storage Examination and Analysis

Preparation of affidavit trial evidence, reports, oral précis, affadavits, disclosure, discovery etc

Review and Evaluation of Technical Reports, Evidential Continuity

Authenticity, Accuracy and Authorship of questioned documents, emails
Reliability of documents, records, audit trails, logs from computers/networks

Confidential and/or proprietary information (Data, Databases, Designs, Drawings and Specifications)

Software Failure
Today, no business can compete without reliable information-technology systems. With computer-failure cases on the rise, litigation and ADR activity are running parallel. Whatever the reason for a dispute, failed systems or software projects can cost millions of dollars, irretrievably lost productivity and competitive-advantage time, plus significant disruption to business operations.

We assist counsel in understanding facts and technical concepts and to aid with document discovery and depositions of opposing fact and expert witnesses. Whether the system failure dispute arises from alleged breach of contract, warranty, misrepresentation and/or negligence, we offer both software vendors and their customers consulting services necessary to prove or refute contentions of fact bearing on the technology issues. We typically perform analyses from software defects to system, performance and functional testing, to software engineering and project management standards-based compliance reviews.

Software Intellectual Property Misappropriation
As businesses increasingly seek competitive advantage, reliance on software intellectual property such as copyrights, patents and trade secrets is also increasing – as are software-based intellectual-property disputes. Companies whose intellectual property is compromised often find the damages significant in terms of lost sales and market share.

We can assist counsel by comparing the source code of the software trade secrets with the allegedly misappropriated source code. Our analysis of various programming elements provides a strong basis for our findings and opinions on the merits of copyright infringement and trade-secret misappropriation allegations.

In software patent disputes, we assist counsel by analyzing and comparing the functionality in allegedly infringing source code against patent claims allegedly infringed.

Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery
With incredible amounts of information stored electronically today – in personal computers, mainframes, network logs, web servers, PDAs, cell phones or email servers – electronic discovery is a front-and-center topic in just about every litigation forum, as traditional discovery targets only a fraction of discoverable information. In criminal and civil cases, critical evidence is now routinely discovered on computers. More and more, effective litigation, investigation, prosecution and defense depend on an understanding of information technology and a reliance on computer forensics experts.

Our electronic-discovery experts aid counsel in understanding where and how to find relevant electronic information, how to acquire, preserve and evaluate it. We can act as neutral experts to resolve disputes involving accessibility of electronic information and costs involved in acquiring it.  We follow industry-standard protocols for forensically recovering, preserving and handling digitally stored data to assure its reliability and evidentiary value. Our certified computer forensic experts provide testimony as required. 

Data Analytics
Acquired information must be analyzed for content. Content of interest could range from determining what was deleted from a network during a particular time frame to building an electronic-correspondence timeline. When large amounts of data are collected, data analysis is daunting. Sheer volume and/or complexity of data storage present challenges requiring coordinated efforts by IT managers, attorneys and outside experts. With online and computer storage becoming the norm, the use of electronic-data analysis will surge, because the volume of electronically stored information has grown exponentially.

In disputes requiring the acquisition/analysis of myriad types of information, we provide the tools, experience and technology infrastructure needed to reliably store, organize and analyze data for its probative value and present data compilations in clear and meaningful ways. We can work closely with other experts, such as economists and statisticians who require access to the data to perform their own analyses.