Benfords Law ?

Benfords Law is a mathematical proof that measures the probability distribution of numerical data, and is spectacularly accurate at detecting fraudulent data.

Evidence based on Benford's Law is legally admissible in criminal cases at the federal, state, and local levels.

Some of the data that complies with Benfords Law ranges from accountancy, tax, corporate and insurance fraud to the trajectories of spacecraft, sunspot activity, earthquake depths, river and lava flow rates, blackbody radiation and numerous other scientific and engineering data result sets

  • Corporate and Personal Accounting Fraud (Ledger / Balance Anamolies)
  • Insurance Fraud (Duplicate Payments, Refund discrepancies, Pension schemes, savings funds)
  • Tax and other financial fraud 
  • Census and Poll data validation (2009 Iranian Presidential Elections)
  • Geophysical Data
  • Stock Indices and Pricing

  • Engineering Datasets
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Actuarial Data




“DataValid” is a free (for the moment!) application that exploits Benfords Law and displays datasets as a instantly recognisable set of graphs that allows you to pinpoint exactly where and why your datasets may contain fraudulent information.

14 different graphs types may be rotated, split, zoomed around and viewed from almost any angle.  Data can be sorted, filtered, edited, extracted, converted, searched, exported and printed.

“DataValid” can import data from a huge variety of sources.

•    It can import from standard text files such as XML, Dbase, CSV and Tab delimited, but you can also define your own delimiters and column widths and headers to import from Excel (all versions), DIF, Metafile, SYLK, SQL, PDF, XSL, PSR and HTML in ANSI or Unicode and UTF8

•    DataValid can connect to almost any database via native and ODBC drivers allowing you to directly query your data in a safe environment.  Datavalid supports multiple cross database connections, so if you need to compare data from SQL Server against that on Sybase, Oracle, Access, Ingres, MySQL (and others) you can easily connect to them all concurrently and examine suspect data on-screen together

•    DataValid can import OCR information from faxes, scanned photocopies of any printed data and from encrypted binary information that would normally be unreadable by an application

The ‘Excel’ style presentation is intuitive and clicking on a column shows a quick ‘summary’ graph of Actual vs Expected to decide if deeper analysis may be warranted. 

There is also an “Automatic Data Analysis” option that examines every column of data in your file and picks out the ones that do not comply with Benfords Law, for you to analyze further.

Download a copy of DATAVALID now and try it for yourself!

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