Patented Device Fingerprinting and Anti Screen Scraping Protection


There are companies out there losing tens of millions of dollars per annum to professional Screen Scrapers and O.T.A.'s (Online Travel Agents) who steal website itineraries, prices, passengers, sundry and ancillary sales.

We at Data Portcullis understand from first hand experience the serious reputational, financial, legal, administrative, technical and logistical problems Screen Scrapers cause.

On a professional basis, no other company has investigated more professional Screen Scrapers than us. We know Who, How and Why they steal your content, and we are the only ones with the Patented technology to stop them.

Every other company uses humans, who attempt to monitor 180 transactions per second(!) - producing only basic partial result sets of rudimentary IP address activity - a method that professional screen scrapers laugh at. A speculative, unquantifiable guess as to how many attackers were on your site some hours ago is simply ineffective guesswork provided far too late for you to do much about it.

Only Data Portcullis individually examines 20,000+ new visitors per minute and decides in real time which ones are valid Users.
Only Data Portcullis provides dozens of 'point and click' graphs & reports showing exactly who is being stopped and why, in real time. Only Data Portcullis is fully automated, and provides quantifiable detection and prevention rates far in excess of our competitors

We are the Anti Screen Scraping Experts. It is all we do. No one else has our Patented* technology