Case History

LATEST NEWS - H.M.A. drops case against Kenneth Watt
The H.M.A., prosecuting on behalf of the British Recorded Music Industry have dropped their multi-million pound copyright / piracy case against Mr Kenneth Watt, who they accused of copying over a million MP3 tracks and Karaoke files.

The case was investigated, and a Report submitted by Darran Thomas of Forensic-PC, after which the H.M.A. gave up their year long investigation, and instead dropped their case.
This was to be a landmark case, but since the submission of my report, the H.M.A. and B.P.I. have decided to instead not to see through to trial and set that precedent.

2015 Case History.....
July 2015 : Allfiled UK Ltd v Eltis & Ors (for claimant)
Allfiled gained a successful injunction to prevent former directors/ employees of  Allfiled UK Ltd from using confidential information and intellectual property to prevent Respondents from carrying on any trade in breach of the non-compete and non-solicitation clauses in their contracts of employment.  Investigation remains ongoing.

March 2015 : Utilitywise v Islam and Cannon
Technical Investigation on behalf of a large corporation alleging computer data misconduct by ex employees.

February 2015 : HMRC Customs and Excise.  Technical Investigation on behalf of the HMRC against a Company importing DVR machines.  The investigation was to determine the technical limits of the device in order to decide its Tax Code, and therefore the amount of tax duties (if any) the Company should pay HMRC on import.

January 2015 : Hiscox Insurance.  Technical Investigation to determine the validity of a very large Insurance claim against Hiscox by one of their Policyholders for documents and files purportedly deleted/corrupted as a deliberate and malicious act by an ex employee.  Acting on behalf of Hiscox.


November 2014 : TerminalFour v Limerick City and County Council and Monsoon Software Consulting
Alleged theft of proprietary CMS database design and structure, and conversion to Drupal 7

October 2014 :  Ryanair v BravoFly
Alleged Screen Scraping of the Ryanair website and selling of Ryanair flights

September 2014 : Camcon Ltd v Jones (Criminal case)
Alleged email account hacking breaches, email browsing and data deletion.  Two reports written, second report description is undisclosed at request of Client.

August 2014 : H.M.A. v Kenneth Watt (Criminal case)
Alleged piracy / copyright infringements of millions of music tracks, videos and karaoke songs against the B.P.I. and its recording artists.

June 2014 : Sign Communications v Very PC (as S.J.E.)
Alleged computer source code theft, database infringement, alleged IPR and copyright breach.

April 2014 : Aer Lingus and Ryanair v Irish Chief State Solicitors office.
Two separate cases.  FOrensic procedures and Discovery.

Feb 2014 : Ryanair v LowCostHolidays
Alleged Screen Scraping of the Ryanair website and selling of Ryanair flights
.  Affidavit written.

January 2014
Data Portcullis website goes live.

Total of 5 new cases taken, 8 Affidavits sworn, 10 Expert Reports submitted.
November 2013
Patented the Dissertation in order to preserve its underlying methodologies and algorithms.

July/Nov 2013 - Completed Masters Dissertation entitled 'Prevalent Screen Scraping Methodologies And Their Prevention', which formally and academically documents how screen scraping is performed but more importantly - proves a system that can actually prevent it.  This Masters Dissertation in screen scraping was awarded a Distinction by the University of Liverpool in March 2014, and a Masters Degree with Distinction was conferred.

June 2013 - Congratulations to 'HWM Ltd' who won the appeal on one of my previous cases in which I provided the evidence that helped set a new legal precedence in Ireland regarding employee case law. This case was appealed this year, and the original verdict upheld - Koger's case was thrown out, this time on a more permanent basis.

May 2013 - New Instruction - parties left unnamed until Report submitted.

April 2013 - Instructed by Neil Maybury & Co to investigate and report on an alleged deliberate corruption of computer code in ElectroTest v SeriouslyGuitar

April 2013 - Instructed by Neil Maybury & Co to investigate and report on an alleged deliberate corruption of computer code in GPP v SeriouslyGuitar

March 2013 - Instructed by Neil Maybury & Co to investigate and report on an alleged breach of copyright and breach of IP in GPP v SeriouslyGuitar

February 2013 - Instructed by RLS Law Property to investigate and report on the authenticity of emails and MS Office documents in Laufer v Mahpud.

January 2013 - Began development of an automated computer system that can actively reject website screen scrapers in real time, called 'Data Portcullis'


Total of 9 new cases taken, 18 Affidavits sworn, 12 Expert Reports submitted.

December 2012 - Commenced practical testing of some of my new anti-scraping methodologies, documenting and examining the approaches taken by professional screen scrapers.

November 2012 - Accepted instruction in the prosecution of a very well known travel agency selling information allegedly scraped from the Plaintiffs website.

October 2012 - Accepted instruction in the prosecution of a French company selling information allegedly scraped from the Plaintiff's website.

June 2012 - Commenced a full academic and cited set of detailed investigations into current screen scraping methodologies, and specifically how screen scraping could be prevented.

May 2012 - Worked for the Prosecution in Autocal V Premier Diagnostics over an alleged breach of software IP and Copyright.  (Case Won, October 2012)

March 2012 - Accepted instruction from Prosecution in a new software IPR/Copyright case.  Parties left unnamed.  (Case Settled in favour)

February 2012 - Instructed by Ryanair in prosecution of 'BudgetTravel Limited'

January 2012 - Accepted instruction by Prosecution in four new and separate software IPR/Copyright cases.  Instigation of these cases have been held over until later this year. (Ongoing)


Total of 11 new cases taken, 19 Affidavits sworn, 11 Expert Reports submitted.

AUG/DEC 2011 - Acting for the prosecution and delivered nine further Affidavits pertaining to alleged website screenscraping breaches and data theft in separate unrelated cases (All Pending)

9 AUG 2011 - Retained on behalf of the Prosecution in undisclosed Document Authenticity court case pertaining to photographs and digital evidence (Settled in favour)

MARCH 2011 - Retained by HELIX HEALTH LTD for Prosecution in a case against the General Medical Council and alleged software theft (Case Won) 

December 2010 - Retained by THOMSON REUTERS PLC for Prosecution in a case of alleged software theft, copyright theft and breach of IPR (Case Won)

November 2010 - Retained by RYANAIR PLC for Prosecution of a large number of alleged screen scrapers (All Pending)


Total of 3 new cases taken, 7 Affidavits sworn, 6 Expert Reports submitted.

 Successfully defended Irish start-up company 'HWM Ltd' to their Landslide victory against 'Koger Inc', a U.S. banking software giant. 

After one of the longest running and most expensive cases in Irish civil history, the judgement in favour of HWM has definitively cleared them of every charge laid against