About Me

Masters Degree (with Distinction) in Software Engineering
MCTS Certified by Microsoft.
Verified Member of the Academy of Experts
Verified Member of the Expert Witness Institute
Published Author
Certified Database Expert, Certified Programming Expert (most languages)
30 Years experience, Windows Expert, Linux Expert
Patent Holder, Anti Screenscraping and Device Fingerprinting Techniques


"I worked with Mr Thomas on many high-value and important cases. His investigations, reports and evidence are incredibly detailed and well thought-out.
His level of expertise is very high and his opinion is straightforward and can be trusted.  I would not hesitate to recommend Darran to anyone."
Oisin O'Neill B.L, Barrister At Law

"We instructed Darran on a long running High Court dispute regarding misuse of confidential information.  He was thorough, effective and very committed.  The report he ultimately produced was a powerful one."
Gavin Winter, Partner, Watson Burton LLP

I instructed Mr Thomas to prepare a Defence report in which my client faced criminal charges in terms of the Copyright, Designs and Patents act 1988.   The volume of computer data was significant.   Darran helped identify the relevant issues which required to be explored.   He worked to very strict time limits and produced a first class report.  Darran attended at consultation with counsel ( barrister).I was impressed by Darran's ability to explain complex issues in such a way that a Jury would understand.
Brian Bell, Solicitor BELL BRODIE, Forfar, Scotland

"Darran responded brilliantly to a request for urgent assistance, was completely committed to the task in hand and provided a clear and helpful report" 
Andrew Darwin, Head of Litigation, RLS Law, Covent Garden.

"Mr. Thomas is very thorough; he ensures that he has as much relevant information as possible before he commences drafting and will seek further information if necessary.

He is a skilled draftsman and has no trouble meeting deadlines.
I have found Mr. Thomas’s advice to be clear, objective and well presented, he has always remained impartial. 
I have found Mr. Thomas to be a very competent, innovative and reliable professional, and is one of the more enthusiastic experts I have worked with, he is quick to grasp legal concepts and I believe he genuinely enjoys working in this field. 
I would have no compunction recommending Mr. Thomas to others.
Thomas McNamara, Solicitor Ryanair PLC.

"Mr Thomas acted as an expert witness in an software/financial services intellectual property case for me. He was very thorough, professional and knowledgeable and ultimately, his superior evidence helped in the successful result of a complex and groundbreaking case."
Roger Woolman, Independant Consultant and Accountant

"I worked with Darran on a complex copyright case in which he was engaged as an expert witness. He was extremely responsive and provided comprehensive and authoritative expert reports to very tight deadlines. A pleasure to deal with."
Rossa McMahon, Partner, Patrick G McMahon Solicitors.

"Both Darran and I worked as independent expert witnesses in a landmark intellectual property case in the Irish High Court. Darran's research and testimony was of the highest quality.

I would strongly recommend Darran to anyone looking for an forensic expert."
Paul Rooney, Senior IT Executive and IT consultant.

"As part of our litigation team we needed an independant Expert who not only understood our technology but understood our business.
Darran proved invaluable in this role. His reports and testimony were clear and concise and I believe were instrumental to our success.
Before and during the trial Darran was always available and helpful to our legal team and everything was delivered on time.
I have no problem recommending Darran, not just as a Expert Witness but as an Expert who clearly understands technology and business applications."

David Gross, Director and Owner, HWM Ltd

I have found Mr Thomas to be very professional, knowledgeable and extremely thorough in his work.  We had a tight deadline but everything ran to schedule and he has produced a highly detailed report for my Company.
I am very happy to recommend him to others.
Carol Lingard, Director Camcon Limited

"I run two IT based business’s, but as I’m not an “IT Professional” I don’t fully understand all the geeky technical stuff.
I was introduced to Darran Thomas by my Lawyer and he investigated and produced several reports for trial prosecution.

To me Darran is like the Sherlock Holmes of the IT world. He removes all the “smoke and mirrors” that some IT people use to baffle us mortals, and presents clear evidence and facts to support his client. Darran evidenced things that I never knew existed, let alone could make sense of.
He works fast and furious leaving no stone unturned and is willing to “go the extra mile” for a quoted price, to get the job done.
I would recommend Darran to anyone who finds themselves in dispute with software copyright infringement or IT forensics.
Definite value for money!
David Quarmby - MD Guitar Practiced Perfectly & Electrical Certs Group

I run marketing campaigns and sometimes run data through a Benford Analyser, mainly looking for oddities that might suggest flawed pricing policies (rather than bad intent).  Although there are plenty of free ones on the web, I do like Mr Thomas's 'Datavalid', as it presents data in a way few would argue with. 
Darran is clearly committed to helping someone with a problem.
Chris Clarke, www.clarkmarketing.co.uk

“I was part of the defence team that engaged Darran as an independent expert witness in a complex software copyright case heard in the High Court. Darran brought a technical depth to the team which significantly contributed to a successful defence. His analysis was top class yet truly independent. He was cool and professional in giving his evidence and he was always available to respond and contribute further during the trial. Not only that, Darran was a pleasure to work with and to share a pint with after a hard day in court. I would have no hesitation recommending Darran as an independent expert witness.”
Dr. Fred Logue, MD New Morning IP

All Recommendations and References available on request.